Thursday, March 24, 2011

Potato leek soup - Gluten Free

One of our favorite soups: Potato leek soup! Warm, delicious and naturally gluten-free.
Really easy to make and only takes a few simple ingredients.
What really makes the difference in our version is the home-mate chicken stock. It's so easy and delicious you won't go back to packaged stock after learning how to make yours! Whenever you roast a whole chicken in the oven, simple take all the bones, some nice fresh herbs, place it in a big casserole, cover it with water and boil for a couple of hours. Drain it , save it in the freezer in jars and have it ready for soups, risottos and other delicious preparations.

Potato and leek soup from Julia and Julieta on Vimeo.


  • 1 or 2 leeks
  • 1 tablespoon of butter
  • home made chicken or vegetable stock 
  • fresh thyme
  • 4 mashed potatoes
  • salt and pepper

Depending on how you like the consistency of your soup, you can either leave it rustic, as we did, or you can use a blender to make it look smoother and creamier.
Serve each dish garnished with fresh thyme for a little touch of goodness :)
Remember that potatoes are not supposed to be frozen or saved in the fridge - they really only last for 24 hours before going bad. Make your soup fresh, in the moment and enjoy!


  1. My mom used to make this soup all the time when i was growing up and i haven't had it in years! can't wait to try it on my own now!

  2. Yum! the home made chicken stock is the absolute secret of this recipe... try to make it, it really makes a difference :)


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