Saturday, August 28, 2010


We're super excited that our fun cooking project is coming to life!
It all started with our passion for cooking and experimenting new things. So why not... a video blog?

The idea is to cook with seasonal ingredients, to experiment new recipes, to bring good guests and also interview some interesting characters. We try to get most of our produce from our nearest Farmer's Market here in San Francisco, and we hope to inspire you to eat healthy, to cook more and eat less processed food.

We're both home-cookers, and we won't be making anything complicated or use expensive or exotic ingredients.

So here it is, we hope you enjoy it!

Julia & Julieta


  1. Chicas, está buenísimo el blog, me encanta! que trabajo editar todo esto, pero que fácil que parece cocinar mirándolas a ustedes, capaz que así aprendo un poco...
    Las felicito por el proyecto.

    Melina Bisio

  2. Mel gracias! Tu lo has dicho, muchas horas de edición para lograr tener todo en 5 minutos.
    Tenés que probar, la de la mermelada x ej. es super fácil.
    Te llamo un dia de estos. Besos


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